COVID-19 effects on vehicle mobility in Italy - eBook-2

We present the Big Data analysis of the movement of more than 600.000 privately-owned vehicles throughout Italy, generated by using proprietary SpaceTime technology. Mireo SpaceTime is an absurdly fast, moving objects database, designed and developed to analyze vehicle movements on an immense scale.


To constrain the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Italy imposed one of the strictest quarantine measures, effectively restraining traveling, except solely for purchasing necessities and essential services. This report is the most comprehensive analysis of COVID-19's effect on Italy's general public's mobility. We present numerous insights of imposed quarantine measures on common commuting patterns of the general public throughout 20 Italian regions, focusing on the Lockdown and Phase 2 periods. 


In detail, we quantify and interpret the changes in:

  • Driving habits: reductions of average trips made, both in length and in the daily distribution of travels
  • The intensity of travels within vs. outside city boundaries
  • Traffic jams, speeding patterns, and the most common speeding locations 
  • Interregional trips between northern, central and southern provinces
  • The recovery of mobility as the measures loosened